Training workshop materials on Water resource management and sustainable development strategies in arid regions of Central /Western Asia under climate change


1.Sustainable Water Resources Management

2.The Sino-Swiss project_s

3.Groundwater overpumping and control

4.Introduction Groundwater Game

5.Groundwater Modelling

6.PMWIN Example

7.Heihe Groundwater Model_new_s

8.Yanqi Basin

9.Irrigation Calculator




12.workshop-Pan He

13.Water cycle Concept and integrated observation 20170917_part 1

14.Water cycle Concept and integrated observation 20170917_part 2

15.Water cycle Concept and integrated observation 20170917_part 3

16.Water cycle Concept and integrated observation 20170917_part 4

17.satellite observation on snow

18.Ecological and Environmental Monitoring_part1

18.Ecological and Environmental Monitoring_part2

19.Multi-source data Synergized Quantitative remote sensing production system

20.Assessing ecological data in China


The training workshop on Water resource management and sustainable development strategies in arid regions of Central /Western Asia under climate change sponsored by  Ministry of Science and Technology of the People´s Republic of China and the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agent (SDC) will be held at Lanzhou on September 16-30, 2017. The diet, accommodation and international airline tickets of trainees will be covered by local organization committee and SDC. The more detail please refer to the following info:

Time:September 16-30, 2017

Working Language:English

Water scarcity and ecological deterioration problems have become more severe in arid regions in both Central Asia and China’s northwest inland river basins, due to climate change and intensified human activities. The similarity of climate, geological features and water usage between Central Asia and Norwest of China has made it possible to extend our knowledge and experiences of integrated water resources management from years of studies in Heihe river basin to other inland river basins in Central Asia. This will not only benefit scientists and experts from all these countries to learn from each other but also intensify the existing exchanges among the scientific communities so as to benefit much a larger society.

The purpose of this training workshop is targeted at providing knowledge and experiences of integrated water resources management and sustainable development under climate change for young scientists and experts in Central Asian countries. The training will be provided by the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, CAS and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. The workshop will cover a wide spectrum of topics related to sustainable water resources management in arid regions, including remote sensing technology, eco-hydrological modelling, optimization of the water resources allocation, integrated surface and groundwater modeling, real-time data assimilation for modeling tools, real-time monitoring , modeling and controlling system for groundwater management, and management decision support system for inland river basins.


Date Program and events
Morning Afternoon Evening
2017-9-16 Arrival in Lanzhou Workshop registration Dinner
2017-9-17 Openning speaches of the workshop NIEER’s lectures and Tutorial on Heihe Remote Sensing product (XL)
WK: Sino-Swiss cooperation on “Rehabilitation and management strategy of over-pumped aquifers in a changing climate”
2017-9-18 Sino-Swiss cooperation lectures: Tutorials (WK, YL, BM, LW, HW)
WK: Sustainable groundwater management (0.5 hour) Grounwater game play (3 hours)
WK: Groundwater overpumping and its control (1 hour)
WK & YL: Water balance of Heihe river basin (1 hour)
YL: Introduction to the groundwater game (0.5 hour)
2017-9-19 Sino-Swiss cooperation lectures (WK & BM) Tutorials (WK, LY & BM)
WK: Groundwater modelling (1 hour) GW modelling excises (WK & BM, 1.5 hours)
WK & BM: Heihe groundwater modelling and data assimilation (1.5 hours) YL: Heihe App for water allocation (1.5 hours)
YL: Introduction to the Heihe ShinyApp (0.5 hour)
2017-9-20 Sino-Swiss cooperation lectures: Tutorials (TS & BL)
TS: Irrigation calculator: principles setup and applications (0.5 hour) Irrigation calculator application (TS, 1 hour)
TS: Heihe runoff prediction: principles and applications (1 hour) DischargeApp application to a small canal (BL: 2 hours)
HL: Groundwater level monitoring in China and Heihe river basin (1 hour)
BL: Discharge App, principles, setup & operation (1 hour)
2017-9-21 Sino-Swiss cooperation lectures Tutorials (WK, YL, LW, HW)
WK & YL: Yanqi Basin Box Model (1 hour) Water allocation planning with the box model (WK & YL, 2 hours)
YL: Multi-ojective optimization (1 hour)
2017-9-22 PH: Groundwater management in China: current situation and challenge (1 hour) (XL) CAS lectures and Tutorial on Remote Sensing product (QL)
CAS lectures and Tutorial on Remote Sensing product (QL)
2017-9-23 Discussion Panel: Central/West Asian water resources problems, each participants 5-10 min presentation Discussion Panel: possible approaches and solutions for improving Cenral Asian water resources management
2017-9-24 Break
2017-9-25 Traveling to Zhangye, and arrival in Zhangye
26-28/09/2017 Visit Luotuocheng Groundwater smart card system and surface canal monitoring stations, DischargeAPP demonstration, NIEER monitoring stations, groundwater level monitoring system etc.
2017-9-29 Travel back from Zhangye to Lanzhou
2017-9-30 Training certificate issuing Departure from Lanzhou
XL: Xin Li
WK: Wolfgang Kinzelbach
QL: Qinhuo Liu
HL: Haitao Li
YL: Yu Li
BM: Beatrice Marti
BL: Beat Lüthi
TS: Tobias Siegfried
HW: Haijing Wang
LW: Lu Wang
PH: Pan He

Organizer: Northwest Eco-Environment and Resources Institute, CAS

Coorganizer: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich

Chairman: Prof. Xin Li

Tel: 0931-4967249

Fax: 0931-4967250


Address: Lanzhou

Postcode: 730000

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