Materials of Beijing workshop 2013

The International Workshop on Remote Sensing and Eco-Hydrology in Arid Regions was successfully held on September 16-19, 2013 in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The workshop attracted over 60 international participants. About 20 invited reputed experts delivered their presentations.

The materials of this workshop are available now. Please note some talks do not have the files please contact the professor directly if you are interested in his topic.

Huadong Guo, Chinese remote sensing data: Introduction and applications

Toshio Koike, Water cycle integration and analysis

Soroosh Sorooshian, Remote sensing of precipitation and use in hydrologic modeling (GWADI wkshp. Beijing- Lect 1 Hydro modeling data Soroosh Sept 16-20 2013); Regional Hydro-Climate Modeling: Study of Large-Scale Irrigation Impact (GWADI wkshp. Beijing- Lect 2 Hydroclimate modeling & irrigation impact Soroosh Sept 16-20 2013)

Ramakar Jha, Estimating Environmental Flows (EFlow) in India (Presentation-Lucknow by prof. R Jha-GWADI)

Yubao Qiu, Geo Cold Regions: An information framework for observations in Polar and Mountain areas (2013_09_16_GEO Cold Regions – Y.Qiu)

Qingyun Duan, Uncertainty quantification of land surface models (UQ of land surface models Duan)

Dawen Yang, Modeling the eco-hydrological processes in the upper Heihe River for runoff predication (201309-UNESCO-Workshop-by-YangDawen (2))

Shakeel Ahmed, Application of geostatistical methods in data collection network design and parameter estimation of underground reservoirs (Shakeel_IFCGR_NGRIHyderabad)

Kun Yang, Satellite data assimilation for hydrological studies in arid and semiarid regions, Part 1 (YangKun-Part 1-v2), Part 2 (YangKun-Part 2-v2)

Baozhang Chen, Eco-hydrological modeling based on remote sensing (Baozhang-CHEN Ecohydrological Modelling based on Remote Sensing)

Miodrag Milovanovic, Water management, droughts and climate change in South East Europe (mica beijing_Milovanovic)

William Logan, Optimal allocation of water resources between countries in the region

Xin Li, Hydrology remote sensing: Watershed remote sensing experiment on eco-hydrology in the Heihe River Basin (20130918 HiWATER Beijing)

Yaoming Ma, Tibet Plateau Environment Program (TPE-20130918IAP01)

Qinhuo Liu, Regional Remote Sensing Products for Eco-hydrological Application in Arid Regions (Regional Remote Sensing Products-20130918-V1)

Li Jia, Monitoring of evapotranspiration using microwave and optical remote sensing observations: rate limiting factors under different climate conditions (G-WADI_2013_4)

Shengtian Yang, Estimation of Rainstorm-Generated Sediment Yield in the Loess Plateau of China Based on EcoHAT (20130917Estimation of Rainstorm-Generated Sediment Yield in the Loess). Related videos: 1 parameter retrieval (1 param.retrieval), 2 water and energy module (2, 3 mass transfer (3 mass.transfer), 4 eco-watershed module (4 eco-watershed.module) and 5 model customization (5 model.custom)

Xiaoyan Li, Climate and land use/cover change and its eco-hydrological response in Qinghai Lake watershed

Lingmei Jiang, Remote Sensing of Snow using the Chinese Fengyun satellites (removed as requested by Author)

Bingfang Wu, CropWatch: Monitoring the food security using remote sensing (CropWatch Introduction_201309018)

Some photos:

1 group photo


2 Particpants


3 Prof Sorooshian


4 Prof Koike


5 Prof Adbin


6 group photo taken at the Miyun Remote Sensing Station


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