With the UNESCO-GWADI initiative in the lake catchment, the overall understanding of the hydrological aspects has been enhanced. The initiative has motivated Wells for India and partner organizations staff to consider the issues in a more logical way and to use scientific information within the society.

The water level monitoring for last 6 years has led to an increase in the awareness of local youth in the villages to see the significant interannual changes. Along with this there has been a growing awareness of the impacts of small water harvesting works on local surroundings.

Other scientific monitoring such as infiltration tests, geological surveys and stream gauging has involved the local villagers and helped them in broadening their outlook and understanding of the natural environment. It has been impressive to record that the local communities became enthusiastically involved in all the survey work; an effort was made to explain what was being carried out in simple language and to have a good discussion with the village youth.

Wells for India and its partners have adopted some simplification of scientific monitoring systems so that many of the tasks can be understood and possibly carried out by the local community who actually are the main beneficiary of all works.

Jaisamand G-WADI Report June 2011updated 0811

The 2nd time for applying for Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperation program in 2011

Please find attached CAS Visiting Fellowship. Asian G-WADI Secretariat and partner CAREERI would like to host if anyone is interested to carry out joint research in partnership with their Institute in the theme related to G-WADI as part of our joint research. There are two categories one is for senior level and the other for young scientist level, even if you want to host some of your research associates or scholars you are welcome to do so. If you need any further information feel free to contact us. As you see the last date is 15 Sep 2011 you urgent attention is needed if you would apply or propose.


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