UNESCO New Delhi GWADI Activities 08-09

1. Worked with UN system-wide Solution Exchange Program to prioritize research and capacity building need in the area of “Climate Change and Water Resources Management for Arid and Semi Arid Region”.  A synopsis of the exercise will be discussed and presented during a regional conference “Climate Change and Water Resource Management” At Roorkee in november 2009.

2. In collaboration with UNESCO, TERI organized the 1st School Environment Educators’ Conference to enable teachers to play a more proactive role and be the key drivers in the essential process of enhancing environment education knowledge, followed by positive action in Arid and Semi Arid areas. Other that the e-proceedings, a Resource Book on Climate Change and was published following this conference.

3. UNESCO NDL is working with NMS Sadguru Foundation (www.nmsadguru.org) to develop a center for excellence for capacity building for Dryland Development within the broader framework of G-WADI.  A project is currently underway to establish a feasibility to establish such a center and also prepare a detailed donor profile to acquire funds for future activities. The activities to be undertaken by the center will focus the tribal region of India.

4. Organized “International Conference on Groundwater Dynamics and Climate Change” in March 19-22, 2008 in Jaipur India.  Over 300 participants from 32 countries participated at the conference.  The conference was organized within the framework of G-WADI to highlight the importance of  groundwater in the natural water cycle in the context of increasing dependency on  groundwater for  many human activities. With increasing human interference with the water cycle the groundwater is at risk.  The conference not only highlighted the plight of groundwater due to climate variability both at local to global level,  but also discussed the dynamics of such changes. The conference provided policy recommendation to intensify focused research to identify and assess climate change impact on groundwater and understand the role of groundwater in the climate change adaptation process. A papers presented at the conference will soon be published as a major book by MacMillan, India/Advanced Water Digest Publications.

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